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Persian lentil stew

Persian Lentil stew is among the most valuable foods which is rich in iron, fiber, antioxidants and minerals.It can be a good reason for Iranians to use it in their foods or even create new foods with lentil base.It is interesting to know lentil stew can be prepared with two types of lentil, including green, and yellow lentil .In this article I tried to explain the best, simple persian recipe for preparing lentiL stew .

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Necessary ingredients for 4 people:

Lentil1 Cup
Potato2 (Medium size)
Carrot1 (medium size)
White Onion1 (Medium size)
Tomato1 -2 (Medium Size)
Tomato Paste1 Spoon
Garlic2 Cloves
Ginger (optional)Small piece
Chicken powder extract1 if it is in cube form ,1/2 spoon
Curry. powder1/2 spoon
Turmeric1/4 spoon
Black pepper1/2 spoon (add more if you are spicy food lover 😉 )
Salt1/4 spoon
Oilenough amount to cover base of Pot

I want to make the recipe as simple as possible,so I mention all steps of chopping ingredients in one simple organized step,
ready? Let`s spread good smell of  persian lenti stew in all of your home . 


First Step:

White Onion and Garlic chopping:

Peel and wash the onion and garlic,then chop them on kitchen board well.It is important to know ,the size of onions and garlics that you chop shouldn`t be in a way that you feel them under your teeth while you eat Lenti stew.Remember to  put all chopped onions into small bowl and garlics in a separate small plate .

Potatos and Carrots:

Wash and chop these two important ingredients of  lenti stew .Remember the size of potatos and carrots should not be big.In a simple way,you can chop it in a size of small sugar cubes ! Be sure,you will have a nice lenti stew look by this work.

Who doesn’t like to have nice looking lenti stew? 😉 

Then transfer them into a separate bowl.


Wash tomatoes well and try to chop them  with the same size which you did for potatos and carrots. then transfer them to a separate bowl.

Second step:

Add potatos and carrots into pot and let them cook until both of them be soft, you don’t need to cook them completely.

Do you want to know what is the reason?Here is the reason:
the onions will over cook and the carrots as well as potatos need to cook more in next steps too 😉

Third step:

Add garlic into the mixture,Be careful not to fry it more than 40 seconds.The reason is ,it will turn to black and the taste of garlic will have bitter taste.

Fourth step:

Add chopped tomatoes into dreamy mixture which you prepared; utill now. Cook it with the mixture for 4-5 minutes.

Fifth step:

Add tomato paste into your mixture and and let it cook for 1 minute.

Sixth step:

Bring lenties out of water which was mentioned in the beginning of recipe, and add them into the mixture .Add Turmeric,Curry,Black Pepper,Ginger(obtional),Salt,Chicken extract powder.let them cook for 2-3 minutes.

Seventh step:

Add 5-6 cups of water into the pot, and let it boil for 45 -1 hour.

Eight Step:

Food is ready 😉 You need to serve it for yourself ,family,friend or whoever you like.

For decoration of your plate you can use vegetables like: Mint,Chives,Radish

Don’t forget that you are a great chef 😉

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