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Persian ash soup

Persian ash or Persian ash soup is one the most famous Iranian food. Because of its unique taste and ingredients, it is known as one of best homemade foods. Iranians make this dreamy food as main course.It is good to know, this delicious food can be eaten when you have cold. You can feel the effect of this food in a way that none of the excised drugs can effect. If you want to make your guests surprise by your food. I highly suggest you prepare this food.


Let’s spread the smell of Persian ash throughout your home.

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Necessary ingredients for 4 people:

Pea40 grams
Red beans40 grams
Pinto beans40 grams
Lentil50 grams
Onion(medium size)5
Oilenough amount
Turmeric1 spoon
Spinach20 grams
Parsley20 grams
Chive30 grams
become10 grams
cilantro20 grams
Dried mint2 spoon
** Noodle soup(Ash noodle) 70 grams
Garlic2 pills
Curd2 spoon
Black pepper1 spoon
salt1/4 spoon(depends on your consume)

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Before we go for the steps of preparation, you should know that:
one day before cooking Persian ash, you should soak each of the beans in separate dishes and every 6-8 hours change dishes` water. It is ideal If you do this work for 3-4 times.
The reason for this work is:
beans in Persian ash can cause bloating. For sure you don’t want to go to a private part of your home for several times after eating this dreamy food. Soaking beans can prevent bloating of your stomach.

First step:

Peel and wash the onions, then cut the onions on kitchen board into wedges, in order to prevent them from being crushed during frying and becoming like chips, spread it on a clean cloth, also cover then with a clean thin cloth.

You will need fried onions for decoration of persian ash soup

Second Step:

Empty the water of dishes in which you soaked the beans.Use a big pot to cook chickpeas, red beans and pinto beans.The next work in this step is:

adding 5 glasses of water into the pot and as well as all beans (red beans, pinto beans, chickpeas). Let them boil for 1 hour.You can remove the foam which forms on the surface of boiling water by a spoon.Then put the pot lid in a way there would be a small space for vapor to exist form the pot.

Be careful not to burn your hands 😉

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Third Step:

Check whether beans are cooked or not. You can do this by pressing one bean in your hand, if it is soft, you are good to go for next step. If not, let is boil for 30 more minutes. And repeat this process again.Whenever you feel, the beans are cooked, transfer them into a medium size bowl without boiling water. You can through away the boiling water. 

It is important to do Step 4 at the same time with stage 2

Fourth Step:

Chop Ash vegetables into medium size pieces. The size of vegetables should not be very small, because they can`t be seen at the end of cooking, in your pot.

For giving you the best vision of vegetable sizes look at the picture blow.

Fifth step:

Prepare small size fireproof pan. put it on oven and add 4 spoons of oil into it.When the oil becomes a bit warm add Turmeric into it, then add dried mint into it. you need to cook dried mint for just 10 seconds while the oil is hot. If you keep mint in the pan for longer period, it will turn to black mint, and it doesn’t have a good taste.

After cooking mint, keep it in the pan till the next steps.

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Sixth step:

Prepare a medium size frying pan and add some oil into it.Then add onions which we talked about in step 1.let onions cook till their color turns to yellow .

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Seventh Step:

Add Lentils and Vegetables into the big pot which you used in step 2. Add 4-5 cups of water into the pot. Let lentils and vegetables boil in hot water for 45 minutes. Add cooked beans from step 2 into the pot after 45 minutes. ( chickpeas, red beans and pinto beans) ,and let it boil for 10 more minutes.

You need to chop garlics into small pieces and add them in this step.  

Eight step:

Add cooked onions and mint into the pot, mix them with the ingredients by cooking spoon.

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Ninth step:

Divide Noodles into half and add it into the pot.Keep in mind ,mixing while you add noodles.

Tenth step:

Add salt, Curry ,Black pepper, small amount of Turmeric.

Let the mixture boil for 5 minutes.

Eleventh step:

Transfer Persian Ash into a big Persian bowl. And decorate it with fried Onions, Curd, and mint.

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Persian ash soup is ready 😉

Some great Tips You need to know for cooking Persian ash soup:

1- Capacity of the pot should be larger than the volume of the noodles. This work prevents noodles to attach to each other.

2- While you chop vegetables, don`t chop stem of vegetables and throw them away.

3- Test the salt in the noodles so that it does not become salty due to the addition of curd.

4- Do not add cured into boiling ash in the pot. Just add it on the surface of ash in the pot while it is a bit cooler.

5- Chop leeks separately from other vegetables.

Don’t forget to comment your ideas about your idea about persian ash soup and your cooking results.Counting seconds to see your comments.

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