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KooKoo Persian Food, all You need to know

KooKoo is one of popular Iranian dishes,which is prepared with various recipes. KooKoo is one of the foods that we can serve as a complete meal for dinner or lunch, or as an appetizer or even as snack.this food is prepared simply from the combination of KooKoo vegetables and eggs, but if we want to make it in a more formal way, we must also use ingredients such as barberry and walnuts.If you like to see step-by-step how to prepare KooKoo persian food , stay with me .

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Necessary ingredient for 4 people

KooKoo Vegetables500 grams
Barberry(This item is optional)1 spoon
Chopped walnuts (This item is optional).2 spoon
Salt and Black PepperThe amount depends of the taste you want to have
OilShould be enough to cover the base of your Frying pan
Turmeric1/2 of spoon

What are KooKoo Vegetables?

There are multiple number of Vegetables which you can buy for this food.The important thing is: I suggest you to prepare at least 2 kind of these vegetables and try to chop them and mix with each other.The maximum number of Vegetables you should mix is 3 kinds.Here are Vegetables:

  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • cilantro
  • Basil


First Step:

Wash the Vegetables well, then chop them into small pieces.mix them and fry them in a suitable pan which you added some oil in it,keep them on fire till they become slightly fried.Be careful not to keep vegetables on fire for a long time, because at the end of processes you will have a black appearance of food instead of shiny green color.

Second Step:

in this step ,the vegetables should be kept in a room temperature in order to be colder that the temperature of cooking.I suggest you to put them in a medium size bowl .you will need this medium size bowl for next step.

Third Step:

in this step eggs should be broken in a separate bowl and salt, turmeric ,pepper should be added too.then you should mix them all with a fork till you have a good uniform appearance of mixture.

Fourth step:

Add barberry and walnut to the bowl of broken eggs.note that if you want to use barberry in your food, you need to keep them in water for about 1 hour before starting to cook.

fifth step:

Add all content of bowl with eggs and other ingredient to the bowl in which you were keeping KooKoo vegetables.Note that the vegetables should be in room temperature,If not, the egg will turn to solid white form and will have a bad appearance.

Sixth step:

Add all the content of bowel to the frying pan(The temperature of your cooking oven should be at maximum level.For example,if your cooing oven has numbers between 1-10 it is good to have No 7 in operation, you should added enough oil to cover all base of the this step try to make all mixture in a flat from with a spoon ,It is better not to have a thick KooKoo ,so if you think you have a lot of ingredient ,you need to divide them into portions and ad them in to pan ,in order to have a low diameter KooKoo food.The mixture in alll parts of the pan should have the same diameter.

Seventh step:

After 9-10 minutes ,you should check the bottom of the layer of KooKoo vegetables that you made in the pan.Keep in mind that the bottom layer should cook well .you can understand it by seeing a tough tiny layer which can be crispy.then,you need to cook the other need to use a flat skimmer(preferably plastic skimmer or wooden skimmer).And wait for another 9-10 minutes to have a crispy layer on the side of cooking.If your food doesn’t have a crispy appearance after 9-10 minutes, keep them on fire for longer time,but check it for every 5-7 minutes.

Eighth step:
You can divide cooked KooKoo into whatever pieces you want.

Ninth step:
Food is ready !
You just need to serve it in dish and for side dish you can use Prickle or yoghurt.

Hope you enjoy it.

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